School Bus

School Bus Policy

  1. At Gyeonggi Global School(GGS), we prioritize the safety and convenience of our students when it comes to transportation. The school buses are designed to ensure a safe journey to and from school.
  2. The bus route is determined based on the applications submitted at the beginning of each semester. Please note that students' bus schedules and the bus route may undergo slight changes each semester.
  3. During the semester, students may only apply for the predetermined routes.
  4. If the number of students on the specific route is high, your bus application may be rejected.
  5. Our drivers may not be able to make phone calls while operating the bus. In case of any need, please contact the school directly.
  6. Students must be ready 5 minutes before the scheduled boarding time and wait for the bus to ensure timely departure.
  7. If students miss the boarding time, the bus will move to the next location after one minute. As this is a school bus used by all students and operates according to the school's arrival time, if students are late for the boarding time, they must travel to school individually.
  8. If students are unable to board the school bus for either the morning or afternoon route, please contact the school or the bus driver in advance to ensure smooth operations and cooperation.
  9. If you have any additional questions, feel free to reach out to GGS.

School Bus Operation Routes

You may check the specific routes by making separate inquiries in advance.

  • Paju
  • Ilsan
  • Jungsan
  • Tanhyeon
  • Siksa
  • Gimpo
  • Baengma