Principal’s Message

At GGS, we prioritize adaptability, global citizenship, integrity, justice, respect, and trust. Through our specialized American curriculum, we empower our students to become aspiring global leaders who strive to make their dreams a reality. Our primary focus is to uncover and nurture the potential within each student. We aim to help them cultivate their unique abilities and characteristics while providing guidance to enhance their academic achievements. Equally important, we aim to instill the right sense of values in their hearts, ensuring they grow into well-rounded individuals. At GGS, every student is valued. To foster their growth as polite and balanced individuals, the commitment and efforts of our dedicated teaching staff are indispensable. Our teachers provide diverse academic experiences and genuine care for our students, enabling them to develop into compassionate and respectful individuals with warm hearts. GGS takes great pride in guiding the future generations towards the right path. We strive to educate and nurture our students to become authentic global leaders, prepared to make a positive impact on the world. Thank you for being part of the GGS community, where we work together to shape bright futures for our students.

Byungil Shin