Culture Statement

We aim to have a constant growth mindset and continually enhance the GGS curricula by exploring and connecting everyone's potential.

Our culture is driven by our teaching staff, supported by Head teachers, and guided by faith in Christ. We believe that it is the GGS culture that ultimately affects our students’ development. Our team consists of a range of members who serve various roles in challenging and supporting our students. Our teachers utilize trust to further the success of GGS and our students. They are life-long learners who are encouraged to explore professional interests through development opportunities, as well as motivate students through their day-to-day interactions inside and outside of the classroom. Our teaching staff embraces constructive criticism, leaning on our foundation of trust, stability, and respect to face challenges and feedback with confidence.

Each classroom is assigned a homeroom teacher, whose responsibility is not only to teach the GGS curricula, but also to serve as mentors for their students. This mentorship role involves leading students using GGS values to become proud and honorable global citizens who are not afraid to fight for the rights of others. Our character building does not come from providing answers to students’ issues, but rather from facilitating and guiding conversations that allow students to think critically and discover meaningful answers on their own.

Yes, students are a part of our team, too!

Our students are loved and cherished. Each is unique, providing their own insight and value to our community. They are at the core of our institution, and are always put first when making any decision, large or small. Our students are encouraged to be themselves and to explore passions and ideas that others believe to be impossible or out of reach. They provide our team with hope that anything is possible when you put your mind to it.