Gyeonggi Global School(GGS) values and respects the unique characteristics of each student, promoting self-reliance and nurturing critical thinking skills. Our aim is to guide students to become future leaders who can positively influence and lead various communities. We believe in empowering students to achieve their dreams through a foundation of trust. As educators at GGS, we encourage professional growth and research in the field of education, providing ample opportunities for development. If you share our mission and vision and are committed to contributing to the vibrant GGS culture, we welcome you to apply.


  • Position Subject Teachers (English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science)
  • Qualifications Graduates with a bachelor's degree or higher from a four-year university in the relevant subject field.
    Preferred qualifications include at least one year of experience in the relevant position or graduates from overseas universities.
  • Responsibilities Conducting subject classes and student management.
    Administrative tasks.
  • Recruitment Type Full-time / Part-time
  • Selection Process First Round Document screening
    Second Round Interview
    Third Round Mock teaching and in-depth interview
    Final Notification
  • Documents to Submit Resume and cover letter (all evidential documents need to be submitted after passing the document screening)
  • Resume Format Download the school's resume file from the website, complete, and submit.
    (If you have a fully written resume already, you may submit that instead)
  • Where to Submit Email submission (admin@ggs.or.kr)
  • Inquiries Phone: 031-959-5600
Download Resume Template